Sunday, November 27, 2016

National Seminar and National FPGA Design Contest Archives

Second National Event on FPGA: Digitronix Nepal, IOE Pulchowk Campus, Himalaya College of Engineering Kathmandu Engineering College and Kathford Int'l College of Engineering and Mangt. had Organized the National FPGA Design Contest at July 1 -3 , 2016 at IOE Pulchowk Campus. Here is News Archive of Design Contest:

1. First FPGA design contest at July 1-3 (The Rising Nepal National Daily)

2. Himalaya College of Engineering wins the First National FPGA Design Contest, July 2 2016 (The Republica National Daily)

3. First National Level Contest on FPGA Design and Development In Nepal (

Here is News at the Republica National Daily:
The Resolution of the Design Contest can be found here : 

First National Event on FPGA: Digitronix Nepal and Sagarmatha Engineering College had Organized National Seminar on " FPGA Design Platform in Engineering College of NEpal through XUP" at May 7, 2016 at Sagarmatha Engineering College, Lalitpur Nepal. Here is News Archive of Seminar on FPGA: 
Seminar on FPGA Design Platform in Engineering Colleges of Nepal through XUP- Xilinx University Program (

For More details on FPGA Research in Nepal Please Visit: FPGA Research in Nepal and Its Implications

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