Monday, October 30, 2017

Digitronix Nepal's Services

Digitronix Nepal is working on FPGA Desgin, VLSI Design and Verification from past 5+ Years.We have expertise on FPGA Design, fast prototyping signal processing projects, IP design/migration and more.We are offering following services to our valuable clients.

  1. Intellectual Property(IP) Design for FPGA/ASIC and Verification
  2. Tcl Scripting for FPGA/ASIC/VLSI Projects
  3. Complete FPGA Design Plan with Xilinx Technology (Including VIVADO based High Level Synthesis,IP integration, Developing Software Application for ARM CPU and Implementing Algorithm's with SDSoC Tool of Xilinx) and Support for PCB Design/Fabrication.
  4. PCIe Solution Support for Xilinx and NWlogic PCIe IP for FPGA (7 Series and Ultrascale FPGA).
  5. VIVADO Version Control and IP migration.
  6. Offline and Online FPGA/ASIC/VLSI Design & Verification Training with following Xilinx Training Partner's Syllabus and Verification Methodologies planned with reference of Doulos.

XAPP1167 (Application Note: Vivado HLS, Reference-Xilinx) Support- Accelerating OpenCV Applications with Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC using Vivado HLS Video Libraries.If you need to modify xapp1167 and test design on Zc702 FPGA then can provide service to you. For different version of VIVADO project (or Tcl Source) of xapp1167 contact us at:

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