Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Designing with Xilinx FPGA using VIVADO
FPGA Frontiers from Nextplatform

Microzed Chronicles from Xilinx
Zynq Book from zynqbook.com
FPGA for Dummies

Monday, January 15, 2018

FPGA Design with System Generator (Matlab/Simulink) & HDL Coder

We are working with Projects on "FPGA Design with System Generator (Matlab/Simulink) and HDL Coder". This Matlab/Simulink based FPGA Design Platform System Generator (so called Sys Gen) is useful for Designing  and Implementing Signal Processing Projects (Image Processing, Audio Processing etc.).Furthermore, System Generator is heavily preferred for Digital Signal Processing.

From the System Generator we can design, test and implement Matlab or Simulink based project's on FPGA. We can create RTL Netlist or Generate HDL from the System Generator (Matlab/Simulink) Project or can generate Bitstream file from the System Generator so we can upload project directly to FPGA.
Another Design Flow is we can Run Co-Simulation of System Generator projects with FPGA Board (which is as real time hardware based simulation). Or we can create bit file and dump on the FPGA board. This design flow supports large number of FPGA Boards form Xilinx and Intel/Altera, so there are many references on FPGA Design with System Generator.

For any projects on System Generator (Matlab/Simulink) or HDL Coder for FPGA Development, you can remember us. You can mail us your requirement at: digitronixnepali@gmail.com
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FIR Implementation on System Generator
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