Monday, September 7, 2020

5th National FPGA Design Competition 2020 Concluded

We (organizers) have announced the winners of the "5th National FPGA Design Competition 2020"!

In this 5th edition of "FPGA Design Competition" we have "Winning Project" on "Video Encryption and Decryption with AES on FPGA" by project members Diwakar Kc, Akash Manandhar and Sagar Humagain from Khwopa Engineering College - KhEC

The "Best Project Idea" title goes to "PYNQ FPGA based face recognition and attendance system" project by Ishwor Shrestha and Pradipt Sharma from Kathmandu Engineering College. The Winning Project and Best Project Idea teams will get "Cash Prize, Certifications and Internship Offering" from us (Organizers). All the participants of the FPGA Design Competition will get  "Certification of Participation"!

We are thankful to all sponsors , participants and judges of the competition! We are grateful to LogicTronix for being Co-organizer of this FPGA Design Competition.

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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Accelerate Machine Learning Application with FPGA over Cloud & Edge

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Machine Learning Flow on FPGA (Click on Image to Zoom)