Wednesday, April 27, 2022

LogicTronix ANPR Solution available for Asia Pacific and North America

LogicTronix is offering AI-enabled "Smart Parking" solution for private parking , public parking, multi-storey parking and toll booth management. LogicTronix ANPR is AI optimized solution based on "Cost Per Stream (CPS)", it is low cost, plug and play solution which can be deployed with Xilinx MPSoC Kria KV260, Kria SoM, Ultra96v2 , custom MPSoC SoM and other edge based platforms. LogicTronix ANPR solution supports, RTSP or IP Camera, USB , MIPI and IAS Camera sensors.

LogicTronix ANPR supports "Vehicle License Plates" of Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, India, where "English (Embossed/Non-Embossed) and Regional Character" based license plates are deployed.

Video Demo of LogicTronix ANPR Solution with Xilinx Kria KV260:

Features of LogicTronix ANPR Solutions

  1. LogicTronix ANPR is complete Edge based solution and also have cloud based feature!
  2. Developed with Xilinx MPSoC [EV / EG Series] FPGA platform, works with Xilinx Kria SoM, and multi-vendor SoMs on Xilinx MPSoC,
  3. GUI Functionality for easy User Interface,
  4. Work for standard number plates as well as number plates in regional language!
  5. Can took multiple RTSP/IP-camera streams (4 or upto 8) depending on the configuration and requirement,
  6. Ready to deploy and plug-and-play solution,
  7. Customers can get timely Solution-Update with “Additional Features” on request, remote feature update functionality.

For any queries and evaluation of LogicTronix-ANPR, please write at: