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Face (Person) Recognition with FPGA
(Implementation of OpenCV and Computer Vision Algorithm)
Project Accomplished (Update August 24, 2017)

Real Time Temperature Logging &
Display System

  1. Four Online Course's: Verilog HDL Programming for Beginners , VHDL Programming with VIVADO and Zynq FPGA, Embeddedd System Design with Zynq FPGA and VIVADO, FPGA Design with High Level Synthesis has been Published and Live at Udemy.com, there are 100+ Student at Udemy.com.
  2. Digitronix Nepal has prepared Reference Guides on VHDL, Verilog and Tcl (Tool Command Language) for Beginner & Intermediate Hardware Designer.
  3. Face Identification and Recognition with Pynq FPGA  with Optimization of Algorithm on Machine Learning and Neural Networks.
  4. AES Encryption (128,256) IP Design and Verificaiton Targeted for Zynq and 7 series Xilinx FPGA's.
  5. Image Annotation with Zynq FPGA.
  6. PCIe based Design (PCIe 3.0 IPI, PCIe DMA TRD)
  7. XDMA (DMA Subsystem for PCIe 3.0) Targeted Reference Design for Kintex Ultrascale      (KCU105) FPGA.
  8. Video Streaming and Processing with Zynq (Zybo) FPGA.
  9. Image Enhancement with Zynq FPGA.
  10. Verilog Course Design for Online Learning Site: Udemy.com.
  11. AXI PCIe MIG Design Simulation and Implementation in Xilinx 7 Series and Ultrascale FPGA.
  12. Tcl Scripting for IPI design creation for PCIe Streamming Core for 7 series and Ultrascale Board.
  13. Understanding on Scatter Gather List (SGL Preparaion and Submission Block)
  14. Face Recognition with Pynq FPGA 

Ongoing Projects at Digitronix Nepal (Update 1st August, 2017)
  1. AES Encryption and Decryption IP Design and Verification for 7 Series and Ultrascale FPGA.
  2. AXI UART IP Design and Verification.
  3. PCIe DMA subsystem Implementation for 7 Series FPGA.
  4. Image processing in Zynq FPGA
  5. Traffic Sign Detection and Identification based on Zynq FPGA platform: Zybo FPGA
  6. Ethernet Packet Processor and Firewall Design on FPGA
  7. Signal Processing with FPGA , MATLAB and Labview Environments...
Digitronix Nepal's Projects on Raspberry Pi, Arduino, AVR, ARM , Robotics and PCB Designing
  • Hardware Design
    • FPGA based Image processing system
    • Design and Verification of Data Transfer application on FPGA (Host to Card or vv.)
    • PCB Design with KiCAD, Eagle and  Altium.
              Open Source Hardware
    • Raspberry Pi based Smart Home systems, Multimedia systems, Smart Grid systems, Smart Irrigation Systems etc.
    • Arduino based Curtain Control Systems, Home Automation systems
    • Arduino based Real Time, Temperature and Huidity Display and Logging System with two different area (Inside and Outside of House).
  • Software
    • Web Development , Desktop Application and Mobile Application
    • MIS Developed (we have this products) for School, Pharmacy, Hospitals and Shopping Marts etc.
    • We developed number of Website including www.ces.ioe.edu.np, krishibazzar.com, firstrd.org, digitalnepalnews.com , vortexenergysolution.com etc.
    • We have developed Krishibazzar Mobile (Android) Application and few other Android APP which are at Play Store.
Program and Event's Organized By Digitronix Nepal
  1. Seminar on "FPGA Research and Development in Nepalese Egineering college through Xilinx University Program", May 7 2016.
  2. First National FPGA Design Competition 2016, July 2 2016.
  3. Interaction Program on "FPGA Research and Development for enhancing skills on Nepalese Universities , in participation of Staff Product Engineer from Xilinx", January 7 2017.
  4. Second All Nepal FPGA Design Competition 2017, July 15, 2017.
The Main Attraction of the Second All Nepal FPGA Design Competition 2017 is AES (Advance Encryption Standard) Encryption of the data for communication, Face Recognition with PYNQ (Python+Zynq) FPGA, Image Annotation (recognition and labeling) with Zynq FPGA, OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing, an optimized FDM) implementation on FPGA, Voting Machine Design with FPGA. Judge and Visitors of the competition also heavily interested on Spectrum Analyzer with FPGA, Digital Clock with Spartan 3E, PS2 Keyboard and LCD interfacing with FPGA and LCD interfacing with FPGA.

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  1. I want the full source code for the project : Video Streaming and Processing with Zynq (Zybo) FPGA .
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