Wednesday, May 12, 2021

LogicTronix is "Xilinx Alliance Member" and "Design Service Partner" for AI/ML for Xilinx SoM  is now "Xilinx Alliance Member" ! With the "Xilinx Alliance Membership", LogicTronix will have more reach on customers who use Xilinx FPGAs on their application. Details of Xilinx Alliance Member ship can be found at here [Alliance Membership-LogicTronix].

LogicTronix also now the "Design Service Partner" for Xilinx Kria System on Module (SoM) for "AI and Machine Learning Acceleration". This Kria family of MPSoC FPGA released at April 20th 2021 and SoM built on it are best suited for accelerating "advanced computer vision applications" including video analytics, smart camera, machine vision etc. LogicTronix already have developed some of the computer vision solutions on the KV260 kit and Kria K26 SoM, and they will be releasing those high performing solutions very soon! 

Details of Kria SoM: More about KV260: 

Xilinx SoM partner page [Link]

Monday, September 7, 2020

5th National FPGA Design Competition 2020 Concluded

We (organizers) have announced the winners of the "5th National FPGA Design Competition 2020"!

In this 5th edition of "FPGA Design Competition" we have "Winning Project" on "Video Encryption and Decryption with AES on FPGA" by project members Diwakar Kc, Akash Manandhar and Sagar Humagain from Khwopa Engineering College - KhEC

The "Best Project Idea" title goes to "PYNQ FPGA based face recognition and attendance system" project by Ishwor Shrestha and Pradipt Sharma from Kathmandu Engineering College. The Winning Project and Best Project Idea teams will get "Cash Prize, Certifications and Internship Offering" from us (Organizers). All the participants of the FPGA Design Competition will get  "Certification of Participation"!

We are thankful to all sponsors , participants and judges of the competition! We are grateful to LogicTronix for being Co-organizer of this FPGA Design Competition.

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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Accelerate Machine Learning Application with FPGA over Cloud & Edge

Are you interested to accelerate your Machine Learning Task/Work?
Do you want to accelerate your ML task with better performance and power?
If then "Accelerating with FPGA" is the best "state of art" solution!
LogicTronix provide you turnkey solution on "Machine Learning Acceleration with FPGA over Edge or Cloud or in-Permise".

For more details: or please visit:
Machine Learning Flow on FPGA (Click on Image to Zoom)

Saturday, August 10, 2019

International FPGA Design Competition 2019-Winner Announced

Digitronix Nepal and LogicTronix has organized the "International FPGA Design Competition 2019", the winner and runner-up of the competition has been announced at August 210, 2019. Here are the Winner and Runner-up of "International FPGA Design Competition-2019".
Winner: 32-bit Harvard Microprocessor, Team: Ahmad Khaled , Hassan Ibrahim , Ahmad Tolan , Ahmad Ashour, University/Affilation: Cairo University - Faculty of Engineering, Country: Egypt

Runner-up: Design and Implementation of a Frequency Hopping System based on FPGA, Team: Ahmed M. Alfadhel, University: Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, Country: Iraq

We would like to Congratulate to all winners and all participating teams!
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Here is the details of all teams participating on the Competition.