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We have 14 different Online Courses on Verilog/VHDL Programming and FPGA Development, Xilinx VIVADO/ISE based FPGA Development, High Level Synthesis/OpenCL, Intel Quartus based FPGA Design , FPGA Design with MATLAB/Simulink , Partial Reconfiguration and Python Programming for FPGA at as of our “Democratizing FPGA Education all over the World” initiative/goal.

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  1. FPGA Design with VHDL: Online Course Session at Udemy: $9.99 Coupon Code
  2. FPGA Design with MATLAB & Simulink (System Generator) :$9.99 Coupon Code 
  3. FPGA Design with High Level Synthesis: Reference Document’s and Online Course $9.99 Coupon Code
  4. Embedded System Design with Xilinx VIVADO and Zynq FPGA: $9.99 Coupon Code
  5. Verilog Programming with VIVADO Design Suit: $9.99 Coupon Code
  6. Verilog Programming with ISE Design Suit: $9.99 Coupon Code
  7. VHDL Programming with ISE Design Suit: $9.99 Coupon Code
  8. Zynq Ultrascale+MPSoC Development: $9.99 Coupon Code
  9. Zynq Development with SDSoC: $9.99 Coupon Code
  10. PYNQ FPGA Development with Python Programming: $9.99 Coupon Code
  11. PCI Express Development with FPGA: $9.99 Coupon Code
  12. Video Processing with FPGA & VIVADO, HLS & SDK : $9.99 Coupon Code
  13. VHDL Programming with Intel Quartus Prime Tool: $9.99 Coupon Code
  14. Partial Reconfiguration with FPGA: $9.99 Coupon Code

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