Thursday, June 8, 2017

Remember Digitronix Nepal For...

Digitronix Nepal is currently working on Hardware Design (Queue Management System, Temperature Display Systems,IoT Projects as Smart Home/Office Systems) based on Microcontrollers and Processors. We are also working on Real time Person Recognition based on FPGA. We can be remembered for 1. Electronic System Design and Manufacturing 2. Electro-Mechanical Systems 3. PCB Design (Single Layer/Multi Layer) based on Altium/OrCAD/Eagle CAD. 4. FPGA Design and Verification 5. FPGA based design implementation and testing. 6. Software based Systems (MIS, Desktop APP, Mobile APP, Websites) #DigitronixNepal #hardware #design #in #Nepal
Real Time Temperature Display and Logging System

Friday, June 2, 2017

VHDL Programming with Xilinx VIVADO and Zynq FPGA our Course at

Our Third Course on Udemy is now Live.The Course is of "VHDL Programming with Xilinx VIVADO and Zynq FPGA" , After completing this course enthusiast will able to get idea of VHDL Programming, Syntax, Design Methodology, Conditional Statements in VHDL, Simulation on VHDL with Testbench, Combinaitonal/Sequential Circuit Design in VHDL, Structural Design in VHDL and State Machine Design in VHDL. Hurry Up we are offering Discounted Coupons on the Course.

If you like to learn VHDL Programming with Xilinx ISE Design suit and Spartan/Nexys FPGA then here is $9.99 Coupon Code Link of Udemy:

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Our 2nd Course at System Design with Xilinx Zynq FPGA and VIVADO Design Suit

Our Another Online Course "Embedded System Design with Xilinx Zynq FPGA and VIVADO Design Suit" has been Published at This Course consists Six Major Section with 5 hr on demand Video and course Cost $120(Starting Price) , which includes complete theoretical and practical session on Embedded Design with FPGA, VIVADO Design Methodology, Zynq Architecture, IP Design Methodology, Writing Software with SDK and Creating Bootable Applications targeted for Zynq FPGA (ZedBoard FPGA).For more details please visit the course link:
$9.99 Coupon Code Link: