About Us

Digitronix Nepal is a Hardware Design , Development and Manufacturing Company. We believe that we can deliver best product and services to our customer in the field of Electronic Design and Manufacturing. We Design and manufacture custom solutions for each problems and client requirement.
We have design and manufacture Smart Systems, Signal Processing Systems, Control and Automation systems , PCB's.Along with this services, Digitronix Nepal is working on IP Design , Development and Verification field from past few years. We have developed different FPGA based IP's on Communication, Networking and Data Center Application for different Xilinx FPGAs.

Digitronix Nepal's Resources on FPGA | ASIC based  IP Design & Verification and Marketing can be viewed at : Digitronix's Resources on FPGA

Digitronix Nepal has signed MoU with IoE Pulchowk Campus, Kathmandu Engineering College, Himalaya College of Engineering, National College of Engineering, Kathford Int'l College of Engineering and Management, Sagarmatha Engineering College and Kantipur Engineering College for "establishing and operating FPGA Research and Development Center" at respective Colleges. The MoU archives can be viewed from here: (click here)

Digitronix Nepal's Story has been featured at: "The Gleam of Electronic Hardware"- New Business Age Magazine (Link)

Digitronix Nepal ambition to become Hardware Design Outsourcing Company in Nepal: Glocal Khabar (Startup Story)

Our past event and news can be get from: 
Himalaya College Wins First National FPGA Design Contest 2016,My Republica
Second All Nepal FPGA Design Competition 2017 Concludes, My Republica
Second All Nepal FPGA Design Competition 2017 (Kantipur News Paper)

Digitronix Nepal's Protfolio can be viewed at : Digitronix Nepal's Protfolio

Our recent development can be viewed at : Recent Development
An Market Review on FPGA , ASIC and VLSI Design/Verification : Market Review FPGA

Digitronix Nepal's Projects on Raspberry Pi, Arduino, AVR, ARM , Robotics ,PCB Designing and Software's.

Hardware Design, Development
-FPGA based Image processing system
-Traffic sign Recognition, Notification and Driver Assistive Technology Development (Ongoing)
-Designing Intellectual Property for High Speed Data Transfer , High Performance Computing
- Image Recognition with Pynq FPGA
-Signal Processing (Audio Processing, Object Tracking)
-Smart Systems (Curtain Control System), Real Time Temperature Display and Logging System
-Bead Threading Machine Design and Build
-Design and Verification of Data Transfer application on FPGA (Host to Card or vv.)
            ·PCB Design with KiCAD, Eagle and  Altium. 
Open Source Hardware
-Raspberry Pi based Smart Home systems, Multimedia systems, Smart Grid systems, Smart Irrigation Systems etc.
-Arduino based Curtain Control Systems, Home Automation systems

Software Development
·Web Development , Desktop Application and Mobile Application

For more details about our project please visit: Digitronix Nepal's Project List

For FPGA ASIC or VLSI Design/Verification and Custom IP (Intellectual Property) on Image Processing , Automation, High Speed Interfaces  you can contact us at http://www.digitronixnepal.com/ or digitronixnepali@gmail.com
We provide vast range of IP's for Different Family of FPGA's from Xilinx and Altera. Along with IP we provide Design Verification works.
For more details please visit: http://www.digitronixnepal.com/

Here are Some Details about Digitronix Nepal.

Current Development

Digitronix Nepal FPGA R & D Center has Developed Different IP's (Intellectual Properties) targeted for Different Xilinx FPGA Families and which are  targeted of market in Communication, Signal Processing and Networking.
We also Create Application based IP's as for as customer need. We deliver more cost effective IP for FPGA with effective customer support. Our IP can be purchased in different schemes (Netlist Node-Locked,Netlist Floating and  Source Code Single Site) which have different price range variations.
Ready to deliver IP's
    1.Application based IP(Signal Processing) and Peripheral Cores (UART, I2C etc.)
       Targeted FPGA's are:
          a.7 Series FPGA of Xilinx
          b.Ultrascale FPGA Family of Xilinx.

FPGA Project Archives of Digitronix Nepal

Project Accomplished:
--Video Streaming and Processing with Zynq (Zybo) FPGA.
--Image Enhancement with Zynq FPGA.
--Verilog Course Design for Online Learning Site.
--Understanding on Scatter Gather List (SGL Preparaion and Submission Block)

Conducted Training's on (for Professional and Academicians):
-- Embedded System Design with Zynq FPGA and VIVADO (Xilinx Training Syllabus)
--System Level Design with Zynq and VIVADO (RTOS and FSB Design)(Xilinx Training Syllabus)

Trainer on : Faculty Training
--FPGA Design with Zybo FPGA and VIVADO, Kantipur Engineering College
--FPGA Design with  VIVADO Design Suit, Khwopa College of Engineering
Student Training
--FPGA Design with Xilinx ISE Design Suit, Himalaya College of Engineering

Research Outcomes (Paper, Proceedings and Articles) on:
--Very High Speed Packet Processing with FPGA and Custom Hardware (few Gbps to several Gbps)
--Packet Processing with heterogenous hardware: Herterogenous Computing
--RISC Processor Design
--Data Center based IP Design

Other Skill Sets:
--Skills on FPGA Design Flow with VIVADO (Xilinx Training Syllabus)
-- Embedded System Design with Zynq FPGA and VIVADO (Xilinx Training Syllabus)
--System Level Design with Zynq and VIVADO (RTOS and FSB Design)(Xilinx Training Syllabus)
--Image Processing with Zynq FPGA.

Market Research:
--FPGA Market Review on Telecom, Medical and Automotive Market Segment.

Short  Reviews on:
--Packet Processing with OpenCL : Review
--SDN Implementation on FPGA
--SDR Implementation on FPGA.

Lab Instruction (for Universities/Colleges) on:
--Embedded System Design with FPGA, Designing Custom 8 bit Processor and Implementing FSM.
--HDL implementation on Digital Design, Digital Logic
--Computer Architecture Design with Verilog HDL.

FPGA IP Design, Development and Marketing Resources of Digitronix Nepal

 Human Resources and Development Resources
A.FPGA Researcher (Designer): 4
Designing the VHDL/Verilog core for communication, networking products.

Roles:VHDL/Verilog/tcl Command based on VIVADO Design Suit and Simulation Programs.
Working on design/required framework, language and systems.

B.Project Lead:
Roles: Project Architect, Project Breakdown and Team Mobilization
Project Experience:  IP Design for Applications as  Image Processing, Networking (High Speed Packet Processing), Serial Communication (UART, I2C)
Architect for  Projects based in Tcl and Providing IP's Secure Utilization in Other Top Modules.

C. FPGA IP Marketing and Analysts: 2
Experienced on FPGA/ASIC based  IP Market Analysis and Product marketing in different customer requirements.

D. Support and Sales: Few
Support team works on frequent communication with customer, support person have specialization on each product streams of IP's while FPGA Researcher will support on much complex issues.
Sales person will communicate customers from early product demonstration to product sales.

E. Hardware Resource Available: (Update Jan 2017)
Xilinx Kinte KC705 Development Board: 1 Pieces
Xilinx ZedBoard Development Board: 2 Pieces
Xilinx Zybo FPGA Development Board: 2 Pieces
Spartn 3e and 6 Boards: 2 Pieces(each)

F. Development Tools:
VIVADO with Licenses: 5 Full Node Locked Licenses
Computers: 5 (with 8 GB+ RAM and Latest Processor

We have Necessary number of resources (Teams and Hardware Resource) while as our need we utilize those resources for Projects Design, Implementation, Sales and Marketing


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