Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Digitronix Nepal R&D Lab

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Digitronix Nepal Research and Development Lab is working on following Stream.

1. Real Time Project Accomplishment.
                     a.Different Control System Based Tasks (Arduino,Raspberry PI Based System)
2. Hardware Based Design Outsourcing (Typically First Time in Nepal)(Its Our Vision)
                     a. FPGA Based Designs (Targeted for Xilinx FPGA) on VHDL/Verilog & Tcl
                     b. ARM,PIC, AVR  and 8051 Based Designs and Firmwares
                     c. PCB Design (Multilayer PCB Schematics,e.g Altium, Eagle CAD Schematics)
                     d. Simulations and Application Specific Tasks.

FPGA & VHDL Free Orientation at Digitronix Nepal

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  1. By whom it will be presented. Really interested in this seminar

    1. It will presented at Digitronix Nepal,Professional FPGA Trainer will did the Orientation. You will get information about the details and time.


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