Sunday, April 9, 2017

Interns Wanted at Digitronix Nepal for Different Application based Projects

Interns Wanted!!! 

Digitronix Nepal is interested to engage interns on following Application Specific projects.If you are really interested to join the internship (any one) and like to work on professional environment then contact us at:
1. Smart Systems for Home/Office and Industries
2. Bead Threading Machine Design (Mechanical+Electronics)
3. FPGA based Traffic Sign Recognition system (Python+Machine Learning/Vision with OpenCV along with HDL)
5. Working with Latest State of Art FPGA's (Zedboard, Zybo and Pynq) for different application based projects (Programming in Verilog/VHDL/Tcl, Embedded C, Python).
4.To create and maintain an autonomous communication network for sensor packages, running on as low power as possible.The equipment's are 4 sensor packages, one MPLAB ICD 3 Microchip, One Zena Network Analyzer, 9V adapter.
5.Conception of system on chip multicore" (design and flow description in verilog)
6. Preparation of Online Course on Embedded System Design with Zynq FPGA and Xilinx VIVADO Design Suit.
7.A Facial Expression Classification System Integrating Canny, Principal Component Analysis and Artificial Neural Network with MATLAB/Simulink.
For more detail about Digitronix Nepal and Internship Programs please mail us
, We also have forum/Facebook Group for Projects;  with more project details : Digitronix Nepal Forum


  1. Thanks for sharing this job requiring an intern at Digitronix. Do share more updates regarding other jobs and hiring taking place in other organizations in Nepal

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