Thursday, June 8, 2017

Remember Digitronix Nepal For...

Digitronix Nepal is currently working on Hardware Design (Queue Management System, Temperature Display Systems,IoT Projects as Smart Home/Office Systems) based on Microcontrollers and Processors. We are also working on Real time Person Recognition based on FPGA. We can be remembered for 1. Electronic System Design and Manufacturing 2. Electro-Mechanical Systems 3. PCB Design (Single Layer/Multi Layer) based on Altium/OrCAD/Eagle CAD. 4. FPGA Design and Verification 5. FPGA based design implementation and testing. 6. Software based Systems (MIS, Desktop APP, Mobile APP, Websites) #DigitronixNepal #hardware #design #in #Nepal
Real Time Temperature Display and Logging System

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  1. I felt really happy after reading your post I think such competitions should be organised because they are a source of encouragement for the students.