ARDUINO/Raspberry PI



For 30 Second Delay for the above Simulator do the following steps...
    1. unzip the file from virtronics and install the file as usual. on the no emails, then default email will occur
    3. click on unclock ... then 230 second delay will become 30 second.
        Have fun with arduino...krishna

How to add Arduino UNO Simulator (Atmega328p) to Proteus ISIS Simulator..

Proteus 8 arduino library download

Proteus 8 Installation with arduino....

 OR do this...
Steps:- For both proteus 8 and lower version.
1.Library  directory on windows 8 and 8.1 : copy this and  paste on file directory..
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Labcenter Electronics\Proteus 8 Professional.
2. unzip above arduino library file.
3. copy ARDUINO.IDX and ARDUINO.LIB in to library folder.
4.unzip AVR2 file.
5.copy AVR2.IDX and AVR2.LIB to library folder.
6. copy AVR2.DLL into MODELS as library location.
have a fun....krishna.



MatDuino Really interesting.....SEE This Video below...

Extension package for MATdUINO.. Download Arduino support from MATLAB

How to control arduino board using an android phone and a bluetooth module..

Video tutorial..

Raspberry PI:

Raspberry pi ....R-PI
Learn Rasberry Pi from Adafruit

The Raspberry Pi is a small computer about the size of a credit card and costs approximately £25. It was developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the hope of creating a generation of children that will be inspired to learn how computers are programmed and how they function.
Raspberry Pi Revision 2
Raspberry Pi Revision 2
This small computer features amazing HD (high-definition) quality video playback, sports high quality audio and has the ability to play 3D games.  The device uses the ARM processor which does most of the hard work and complicated calculations in order to run your Raspberry Pi.  ARM processors can be thought of as the brains of the device.

Raspberry Pi Processor
These processors are mainly used in small devices such as mobile phones, hand held mobile gaming devices and other small digital devices.  The reason for this is that these ARM processors are extremely efficient and fast when used in small devices.  This makes the ARM processor the obvious choice for the Raspberry Pi.
Even though the Raspberry Pi is a computer, it does not have a hard drive like traditional computers do but instead, it relies on an SD card for the starting up and storing of information.  In this case the SD card does the same job as a hard drive does in a traditional computer.
Raspberry shake sd card
The SD card contains the operating system, programs and the data needed to run the Raspberry Pi.  The operating system tells the Raspberry Pi how to function, how to handle any input from the user and how to manage programs when they are running. An operating system is the interface between the user and the device.

Summary of Raspberry Pi

Developer Raspberry Pi Foundation
Type Single-board computer
Release date 29 February 2012
Introductory price US$ 25 (model A) and US$ 35 (model B)
Operating system Linux (Raspbian, Debian GNU/Linux, Fedora, and Arch Linux ARM) RISC OS
Power 2.5 W (model A), 3.5 W (model B)
CPU ARM1176JZF-S (ARMv6k) 700 MHz, Raspberry Pis can dynamically increase clockspeeds, and some can temporarily reach speeds up to 1 GHz.
Storage capacity SD card slot
(SD or SDHC card)
Memory 256 MB (Model A)
512 MB (Model B rev 2)
256 MB (Model B rev 1)
Graphics Broadcom VideoCore IV..


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