Thursday, November 3, 2016

Current Development

Digitronix Nepal FPGA R & D Center has Developed Different IP's (Intellectual Properties) targeted for Different Xilinx FPGA Families and which are  targeted of market in Communication, Signal Processing and Networking.
We also Create Application based IP's as for as customer need. We deliver more cost effective IP for FPGA with effective customer support. Our IP can be purchased in different schemes (Netlist Node-Locked,Netlist Floating and  Source Code Single Site) which have different price range variations.
Ready to deliver IP's
    1.High Speed Data Streamming Interface with DMA and PCIe targeted for Communication Equipments
    2.Application based IP(Signal Processing) and Peripheral Cores (UART, I2C etc.)
       Targeted FPGA's are:
          a.7 Series FPGA of Xilinx
          b.Ultrascale FPGA Family of Xilinx.

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