Thursday, November 17, 2016

Internship on FPGA based Machine Learning and Neural Net Implementation

Digitronix Nepal have Some Places on AI (Machine Learning, Neural Nets) based Research & Development in FPGA. Interested enthusiast can contact us at : or +977-9841078525.

Digitronix Nepal will welcome application on ML and NN and what we require is we like to engage interns on Machine Learning and Neural Nets based on FPGA Research and Development.There will be the selection process for internship.
So for the application here is Prerequisite knowledge and skills : 
  1.  VHDL/Verilog and C/C++ (Basic/Moderate), 
  2. Idea of FPGA (algorithm implementation on Zynq based FPGA: Zybo FPGA).
  3. AI (Neural Net and Machine Learning).
You can also watch our YouTube tutorial on "How to implement Neural Net on Pynq FPGA".

Please review also the following link (copied of google search): Neural Net implementation on FPGA
Machine Learning Implementation on FPGA
Some FAQ's: how long this project will run and what is the procedure for selection and what number of people can attend this program.
Answers: this project will run for three month initially (and more depends on the objective/goal) based on more than 10 credit/week, selection procedure is based on the knowledge/skill on VHDL/Verilog,FPGA and AI, there will be one team (upto five members) working on this stream.

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