Thursday, January 19, 2017

Digitronix Nepal Projects on Zedboard along with Pynq ,Zybo & Spartan 3E

Digitronix Nepal has prepared & published the Video Tutorial series on ZedBoard FPGA, Spartan 3E FPGA, Nexys 3 FPGA, Zybo FPGA and Pynq FPGA previously at YouTube:  and
Digitronix Nepal has prepared lots of Tutorial Series on FPGA, Currently in our YouTube Channel we have 8 Tutorials on Zedboard FPGA (including how to create IP in HDL and HLS, Program FPGA in VHDL/Verilog), 6 Tutorials on Zybo FPGA , 5 Tutorials on Spartan 3E and Different Projects of National FPGA Design Contest. We are syncing/uploading more tutorials on our Youtube Channel. Keep Streaming on our Youtube Channel!!! Along with this tutorials we also have releases our VHDL/Verilog and Tcl Reference Guides for Enthusiasts. We believe that enthusiasts can get huge benifit from this resources and can do/work on Projects based on FPGA and Microcontrollers. We also have different Internship offerings on FPGA research and development and Internet Of Things. We have more than 20 Tutorial series on different Microcontrollers to.
 Watch the video:of Zedboard Tutorial on Creating Custom Verilog IP of PWM in Vivado by Digitronix Nepal 
Projects Plan on ZedBoard:
1. Implementing a Image Processing System in OpenCV Framework
2. Designing a Traffic Sign Identification system for ADAS Application
3. Ethernet Firewall Design and Implementation on Zedboard
4. SDN and SDR Implementation 
5. Encryption Algorithm implementation on Zedboard
6. Embedding Custom Linux for Real Time Applications.
             We will welcome Project Ideas/Plan/Proposal from the Enthusiast and Clients.

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